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Some little made up ladies in Gold.

When I first started to make art as a kid, I would draw faces everywhere. They almost always looked like some childish and fanciful version of my mom or some fairy-like creature with huge eyes. When I got older and started painting, I still invented the faces for a long while but at some point I started to paint from photos of my sisters or friends. It wasn't until I started painting from live models that everything changed. I fell in love with the meditative process of creating portraits. Sitting for hours at the Art Student's League of New York, staring at a model's face and trying to figure out the exact curve of their nose was heaven for me.

I loved how it was just a series of problems to solve. If you got them all "right" you were rewarded with a decent likeness of the model.

Painting these new ladies satisfies a very different part of me. You start with nothing and then after some strokes and color choices, you end up with a unique person. When they are finished they feel like their own unique entity that materialized from a mysterious combination of paint, the music that was in the room, and the mood of day. I look at them and imagine what they are like and what kind of history they may have.

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