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Its been about six months since I decided to buy a mobile painting studio in the form of a Westfalia camper van. What was meant to be a fun experiment is turning out to be more of a welcome lifestyle change. Why not go somewhere else when my studio feels uninspiring? Why didn't I think of this before?

I signed up for a few shows in California over the Summer and spent most of my time there puttering up and down it's long coast and national forests. I loved setting up my studio in a different setting every day and discovering how the surroundings would work their way into my paintings. Painting all alone for weeks on top of a mountain in Big Sur, with only the sound of the seals and the waves miles below was definitely a highlight. And as in every road trip story ever written, I had much time to reflect and learn some valuable life lessons, such as don't drive through the Mojave desert without first checking if your A/C works ... and you can never, ever bring enough wine. I mean water.

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